PK Touch: How to Perform the Invisible Touch Trick

PK Touch: How to Perform the Invisible Touch Trick

You know you’re a great magician when you’re able to perform tricks like predicting lottery numbers correctly, catching a bullet, and the psychokinetic touch (PK touch).

While the PK touch or invisible touch is one of the most impressive tricks, it is also one of the most simple.

In this trick, you’re going to touch a volunteer on the arm or nose, and another volunteer who has their eyes closed will feel the touch in exactly the same place. This is why it is called the invisible touch.

Over the years, many performers have tried to prove how this tricked works and if there is really anything magical about it. As it turns out it is just a trick and anyone can perform it with the right tools.

PK Touch – Trick Revealed

How The PK Touch is Performed

This video should help you understand the explanation of the trick better. If you want to learn how to do the invisible touch, you will find a guide below.

So in this trick, the performer (in this case, Lion) calls two volunteers upstage. He is going to touch one twice and the other will feel the touch twice in the same place without him touching them.

Here is how it goes

The performer calls up two volunteers and has them stand at either side of him. He asks them to place their palms on his and says “I’m just gonna connect with your energy and you’re gonna start to feel a sensation between your hands”. This is actually misdirection distracting you from the main trick.

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The main trick begins when he moves close to the guy with curly hair. Watch how he moves his hands close to his face in a suspicious manner. You might think he actually touched him there but he didn’t. Though something has already touched the guy’s nose twice.

He moves to the girl and does the same thing (once again misdirection distracting you from the actual trick). So he takes the girl’s hair and brushes it against her nose once.

He moves over to the guy and asks him if he felt anything touch his face. He replies, yes!

He goes back to the girl and uses her hair to brush her nose again.  He returns to the guy and asks if he felt the sensation twice.  The guy says, yes!

This is where the trick actually ends. So he didn’t touch the guy, but he touched the girl (with her hair) and the guy felt it.  Yes! He didn’t touch the guy, but something did. So what? Read on.

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What Really Happened?

To become a renowned magician, you have to be a great performer, then is why you don’t see the PK touch in every street performance.

In this case, Lion walks up to the guy and moves his hand around his face without touching him. He seems to be doing an aura check, but unknown to you, he hold an invisible (like really tiny) thread (elastic band) between his wrists. When he moves his hands around the guy’s face, he touches his nose with the thread twice.

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Now here is where his performer skills come to play. The guy has already felt it twice but the girl hasn’t been touched yet. Both their eyes are closed so they do not really know what’s going on. The performer is in full control.

He touches the girl once and walks over to the guy and asks, did you feel anything touch your face? The guy says yes! Note that, he asked him to say yes or no, to prevent him from exposing the trick.

When he touched the girl the second time, he went back and asked another question with limited answers, did you feel the same sensation twice? Once again, the guy says yes!

So you see that it is not just about performing the trick, it is also about being in control of your subjects.  Magicians like Derren Brown and Criss Angels use this method all the time with volunteers. They ask questions with limited answers to help them control the situation and deliver the trick.

How To Perform the Invisible Touch

To perform the PK touch, you would need an elastic band and two volunteers.

Invisible elastics are very thin and clear so the audience won’t be able to see them from a distance. Your volunteers, on the other hand, would have their eyes closed so they can’t see it up close.

Wrap the elastic band around your palm and position it between your thumb and index finger.

Get your two volunteers to stand apart as they did in the video. If you want to make it really look like magic, then you can mimic Lion’s performance. Both volunteers should have their eyes closed. If you’re doing the trick with only the two people (you don’t have an audience), then one participant should keep their eyes open.

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Slip the index finger of your other hand under the elastic band and stretch it between your hands. Your hands should be 13 cm apart (Avoid overstretching the band as it may snap and expose the trick).

Move to the person with their eyes close and wriggle your fingers around their face as if you’re trying to check their aura or sense energy. (This is called misdirection). Now, move your hands downwards in front of the person’s face. Wriggle your fingers so the elastic band scrapes the tip of their nose. Do not move too fast or too slow, but let your movements be natural. When done, clench your hands into fists and move the elastic band to your palm

Move to the other participant and touch their nose with their hair, fur, or whatever light material you have.

Then tell the other person to open their eyes and ask them if they felt anything touch their nose. Remember to keep the answers limited to avoid giving away the trick.

With that, you’ve performed the PK touch. If you are at a loss as to how to make it look natural, remember that practice makes perfect and the video above should help.

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