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Loir Suchard

Lior Suchard is a famous Israeli mentalist also described as one of the most important mystifiers of the 21st century. He is not just famous for his mind reading trick, but also because he goes on to reveal how he does his magic tricks.

In this piece, you will learn a lot more about Loir Suchard including his magic tricks and his shows. Here, you will also find some big reveals as to how he was able to pull off his mind reading tricks.

Loir Suchard – Biography

Just like many famous mentalists, Suchard started practicing magic at a young age. He was born in Haita, Israel, and grew up a quiet math student before picking interested in magic. He began performing in front of school children and would then host shows at events and birthday parties at the age of 14.

Suchard’s career took off after he completed three years of military service in the Israeli Air Force. He would then appear in several morning shows which gave him a lot of exposure.

In 2005, he appeared on Uri Geller’s Israeli TV show, The Successor (commonly known as The Next Uri Geller). He would compete with and beat eight other candidates to win the competition.

He was awarded the role of Geller’s successor and this not only made him popular in Israeli but in many other countries of the world as the show was widely broadcasted.

Loir Suchard – Magic Shows

After winning the show, he was able to kick off his professional career in Israel and other countries of North America and Europe.

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In Israel, Suchard appeared on the Friday evening edition of News 2. He hosted and directed a game show Money Pump which was broadcasted on Channel 2 in 2012. He gained mainstream attention when he accurately predicted the results of the Nineteenth Knesset elections in 2013.

United States  

Suchard had more success in the United States and was able to appear on more shows. He made five appearances on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He also appeared on the following shows

  • The View (March 2013)
  • Larry King Now (March 2013)
  • The Doctors (2015)
  • Good Morning America (2016)
  • The Late Late Show with James Corden (2016)
  • Live with Kelly and Ryan on 18 July 2018
  • Dr. Phil on 16 March 2019
  • Co-host Brain Games 2020
  • The Ellen DeGeneres Show 2020


In Australia, Suchard successfully completed a tour of 18 performances. The tour was so successful that it had to be extended to meet the demand for tickets. He would later perform in the opening of the 20/20 cricket match between Australia and India. Here, he correctly predicted that India would win the game.


 In India, he held a live show called “Supernatural Entertainment”. The show went nominated for the Best Innovation Act Award at the 2015 Live Quotient Awards in India which it won.

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Loir Suchard – Magic Skills and Methods

While Suchard does have a lot of tricks up his sleeve, he is best known for his guessing skills which have drawn him the most attention. Unlike other mentalists, Suchard doesn’t actually reveal his methods and techniques.

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Suchard’s actual methods include a combination of memory exercises, hypnosis, and mathematical techniques which he uses to perform most of his tricks. While this is widely known, the exact way he applies these techniques are a mystery.

Loir Suchard – Performance and Magic Tricks

The Late Late Show with James Corden

One of Suchard’s most impressive performances was on The Late Late Show with James Corden where he appeared to guess the first two numbers of Harry Connick Jr.’s pin numbers. He went further to impress the guests with a few mind reading tricks.

 In his performance, he told actress Alice Eve that he could read her mind. He went on to give the audience examples of pictures she could draw: a superman logo, a cross, a mountain, and a bunny rabbit.

Then he drew a picture which consisted of a hand in a circle with two rectangles beside it. He hid the photo from Alice and asked her to draw a picture. After she drew hers, she then revealed it to the audience. Her picture bore a hand with two candle sticks – similar to what Suchard had drawn.

But Suchard’s tricks didn’t end there. He went on to tell the audience including James Corden to draw a picture and conceal it.  Suchard also drew a picture and revealed it to the audience. His picture was a star inside of a circle. Then he asked the entire audience including James Corden to reveal their own pictures: the same star inside a circle.

This was actually the first trick that Suchard revealed to the audience. He went on to tell them that he didn’t use any mind reading trick or magic, rather he subtly suggested to everyone what they should draw.

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He initially showed them a superman logo, a cross, a mountain, and a bunny rabbit which represented a S. T. A. R. This got everyone thinking about and drawing the same thing.

How Loir Suchard Performs His Trick

While Suchard has not actually revealed the secret to his tricks himself, there have been several explanations as to how he actually read minds.

The Swami Gimmick

The swami gimmick refers to a performance where a mentalist pretends to read the mind of a subject by asking them to write their phone number on a piece of paper.

The mentalist then writes his own prediction on a piece of paper. He asks the subject to reveal their number to the audience and reveals his own prediction which is perfectly correct. This swami pencil or gimmick here is that the mentalist doesn’t predict or write down the number before the subject.

Instead, he pretends to write down the phone numbers and waits until the subject reveals their own phone number. Then he goes on to use a swami pencil which is a small piece of plastic with a small pencil lead in it. The pencil is attached to his finger which allows him to write the number unseen.

This doesn’t really explain how Suchard correctly predicts elections and the results of international sports events, so it only explains only a few of his tricks.

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