How To Do Magic |7 Simple Magic Tricks Anyone Can Learn

How To Do Magic

You might not end up becoming the Sorcerer Supreme or have the ability to open a portal to another dimension, but you should be able to pull a few tricks when you learn how to do magic.

Making magic tricks happen is all about illusion, misdirection, and a lot of psychology. While you may not need to know all of these concepts to perform tricks that will impress your friends, you might need to learn even more if you plan on impressing a live audience.

This article will guide you on how to become a magician and also teach you several magic tricks that you can learn in a few minutes.

Guide to How To Do Magic

Buy A Book

There are hundreds of books out there detailing how to learn and do magic, however, most of them only cover the basics. If you want to learn how to pull a rabbit out of a hat or bend a spoon, you need to narrow down your search.

Books from renowned magicians and mentalists like Derren Brown are great choices to consider. You could go for his releases targeted at magicians (Absolute  Magic and Pure Effect) or one suitable for anyone interested in learning a few magic tricks (Tricks of the Mind).

There are many more books out there where you can learn a lot about magic and how to predict lottery numbers with your mind. Some of these books detail methods like traditional magic, conjuring techniques, cold reading, and psychology.

The question here is not that don’t they exist, but it is how to find them?

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To get the right books, you will have to rely on reviews. Reviews will tell you which books provide the right techniques and tricks and which books sell fluff.

In addition to this, you would also need to consume a lot of videos on Youtube, via purchase, or however. You should watch as many tutorial videos as you can while learning these tricks. Think of yourself as Scott Lang in Ant Man 2 learning card tricks while locked up in his home.  

Go to a Magic Store

To perform a card trick, you would need cards. To saw a woman in half, you would need the right equipment.

You might not need to buy magic tricks from a magic store as a beginner, but if you’re planning on getting more than just a wow from your friends, then you would have to invest in your skills.

Still, magic tricks like the handkerchief trick, vanishing card trick, floating coin trick, spoon bend, magnetic pencil, and DIY Magic Box can be done without you having to pay a visit to the magic store.

Develop a Technique

There is a reason why performances from Derren Brown are totally different from those from David Copperfield. They both use different techniques.

When starting off, you might just want to show a few tricks. If you plan on moving forward from the simple beginner tricks, then you need to develop a basic technique. One of such is the sleight of the hand technique.

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7 Simple Magic Tricks Anyone Can Learn

1. Vanishing Coin

The vanishing coin trick is one of the best tricks for beginners. It is practically simple and even if your friends have seen it before, they would be blown away if you do any of its variants.

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Note that, while this trick is simple, it would take some practice to perfect. Be sure to try it over and over again till you’re sure you’ve perfected it.

2. Levitation Tricks

One of the most impressive performances by David Copperfield included levitating in front of a live audience. While it might look impossible and pretty difficult, you don’t have to be a level 1 magician to float.

Before you start casting spells and performing rituals to levitate, you should try the trick on other things first. Here are three variations of the levitation trick to guide you.

3. Spoon Bending Trick

If you’ve heard of Uri Geller, then you know about his classic spoon bending trick.  While you could bend a spoon with your hands, Geller claims to do it with this mind. He even once tried to bend the iPhone 6 in a display of his psychic abilities.

Well, a lot has been done to expose the trick and you can now bend a spoon with your mind

4. Pen Vanishing Trick

One minute it was there and the next minute it was… where? Another trick that will stun your friends is the pen vanishing trick. It is pretty easy and you don’t have to read through pages and pages of magic books to learn. Just take a pen, snap your fingers, and poof! It’s gone.

5. Gravity Coin Trick

It is pretty much impossible to defy the laws of gravity without using thrusters like in Airplanes, rockets, and Iron Man boots.

But a pretty good magician can defy the laws of nature and so can you. All you need a coin and a lot of practice. This trick won’t come easy as the others but you should get the hang of it with time.

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6. Make a Card Vanish Trick

If your friends are bored with the coin vanishing trick, you can introduce the card vanishing trick to them. This tutorial is in-depth and should guide you to becoming an impressive performer.

7. Disappearing Handkerchief Trick

Lastly, is the disappearing handkerchief trick.

There is a lot of tricks here to get you started but if you choose to go further, try not to rely too much on Youtube videos. A lot of Youtubers these days rely more on editing to make their tricks look perfect and if you’re trying to do it in the real world, you might just be practicing an impossible trick.

Wrapping Up

The best advice here when learning how to do magic is to learn from multiple sources. If you want to invest in magic books, then invest in many authors (make sure these authors are mentalists or magicians themselves). This way, you can learn a lot more and pick up more tricks as you improve.

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