Famous Mentalists: 20 Successful Mentalists You Should Know

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Mentalists have come a long way from holding performances on the streets to hosting their own TV shows. While there are thousands of individuals that identify themselves as mentalists only but a handful of them are truly famous and successful.

In this piece, you will find 20 famous mentalists who made some of the most notable performances that gave mentalists the respect they enjoy today.

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Famous Mentalists: 20 Successful Mentalists You Should Know

1. Derren Brown

Everyone knows we’re in a large sphere we call earth, or maybe not.

What if we were truly in a video game and our lives is a journey through several levels till we get to the end of that video game. Well, Derren Brown is one famous mentalist that can implant such an idea in your head and make you truly believe that you are in a video game.

The English mentalist has even performed more audacious feats like tricking the audience into believing they were stuck in their seats. While Brown identifies as a mentalist and illusionist, he has also admitted that he uses mixes mentalism with magic. This could also make him a magician of some sort.

To perform the mental feats he is best known for, Brown uses several methods including conjuring techniques, cold reading, cognitive psychology, hypnosis, traditional magic, and memory techniques.

2. Uri Geller

Imagine bending a tablespoon without using your hands or any tool but only with the power of your mind. Well, Uri Geller is an Israeli-British mentalist that wows his audience with the amazing spoon bending trick.

3. Banachek

Some mentalists include daring and sometimes life-threatening acts in their performances which may seem outright foolish than truly daring. But when you’re a mentalist, you’ve got seemingly supernatural powers and you can perform the bullet catching trick like Banachek.

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4. Guy Bavil

Guy Bavil is another mentalist known for the spoon bending trick, but he is known for many more incredulous feats around the world. In 1996, he successfully predicted the outcome of the 1996 Israeli general election. He is also known for his live performances which include a heart-stopping demonstration, a telekinetic demonstration, and a Russian roulette demonstration.

5. David Berglas

If you’ve heard of the Holy Grail of card magic then you’ve probably heard of renowned magician and mentalist David Berglas. He is notably one of the first magicians to appear on televisions in the UK.

6. Paul Brook

Paul Brook is a British mentalist best known for his books on mentalism than his tricks and skills as a true mentalist.

7. Chan Canasta

Chan Canasta was more of a magician than a mentalist, but his inclusion of mental magic in his feats makes him a notable mention. He is also known as the first TV celebrity magician in the 1950s.

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8. Bob Cassidy

During his time in the industry, he gained recognition for his books on mentalism making him one of the most successful mentalists till date.

9. The Clairvoyants

The magician and mentalist duo of Thommy Ten and Amelie van Tass are two well-known performers best-known as the runner-ups of season 11 of America’s Got Talent. They are professionally known as The Clairvoyants.

10. Colin Cloud

Colin Cloud is another mentalist to have appeared on American’s Got Talent Throughout his decade-long career; he has hosted many successful shows and participated in several contests including Britain’s Got Talent.

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11. Corinda

The Thirteen Steps To Mentalism is one of the most popular books on mentalism today. It was conceived by Corinda, an English mentalist who was not only known for his mental prowess, but for his magic skills.

12. Glenn Jacob Falkenstein

During his time, he was considered one of the most successful mentalists of the 20th century. Glenn was more than just a mentalist and magician but also a Speech Pathologist at the Los Angeles County Office of Education where he used his magic skills to help young people overcome speech defects. He notably performed for two U.S presidents during his career.

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13. Maurice Fogel

Maurice Fogel was a British mentalist and magician best known for his bullet-catching trick. He had previously described himself as the world’s greatest mind-reader though it was later proven he was simply a showman.

14. Wayne Hoffman

If you’re stuck in traffic and you need to be home in a jiffy, you won’t have to call on Superman to clear your way or better still, carry your car. All you need to turn those red lights to green is put a call to a mentalist like Wayne Hoffman who can change traffic lights with his mind.

15. Burling Hull

The self-styled “the Edison of magic” was one of the famous mentalists of his time. Hull wasn’t just a mentalist and magician but also an author of several books which detailed magical tricks including razor blade swallowing, billiard ball manipulation, sightless vision, second sights acts, silk magic, escapes, and card tricks.

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16. The Amazing Kreskin

Kreskin is one of the few mentalists that come clean as to how they perform their tricks. While he makes accurate predictions, he does not claim to have clairvoyant or paranormal powers.

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17. Max Maven

Max Maven is a mind-reader and one of the influential mentalists of the 20th century and of all time. Throughout his career, he has received several awards and aided several top magicians including Penn & Teller and David Copperfield.

18. Max Major

Max Major is an American mentalist known for his amazing feats including predicting the outcome of major tournaments such as NCAA March Madness.

19. Mysterion

Mysterion is a Canadian performer who bears the titles of a mentalist, collector, magician, and wrestling manager.

20. Alain Nu

Alain Nu is a famous American mentalist, television personality, illusionist, and author. He is best known for his demonstrations of the sixth sense, telekinesis, mind-reading, illusions, and metal bending.

Alain Nu is another mentalist that mixes traditional magic with mentalism though he is more of a mentalist than a magician. Throughout his three-decade-long career, he has successfully performed in numerous shows and theatres making him one of the most successful and famous mentalists of his time.

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