15 Mentalism Tricks You Can Try At Home

15 Mentalism Tricks

Could you read minds, make objects float with your mind, change traffic lights, or catch a bullet with supernatural powers? Honestly, you can’t. There is nothing really supernatural about mentalist tricks and that is why you can become one if you try hard enough.

In this piece, you will find several mind-reading and other mentalist tricks that should make you look like a supernatural being to your family and friends.

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15 Mentalism Tricks You Can Try At Home

1. The Grey Elephant From Denmark

Step 1: Pick a number between 1 and 9.

Lets say 9

Step 2: Multiple that number by 2

9 x 2 = 18

Step 3: Add 8 to result

18 + 8 = 26

Step 4: Divide by 2

26 / 2 = 13

Step 5: Subtract the first number you picked from the answer above.

13 – 8 = 4

Step 6: Match the final number with the corresponding letter of the alphabet (E: A-1, B-2, C-3, D-4, E-5, etc).

The number is 4 and the alphabet is D

Step 7: Think of any country that starts with that letter.

Denmark is the most favorable choice

Step 8: Pick the next letter after that one and think of an animal that starts with that letter

The next letter is E and the animal is an Elephant

Step 9: Think of the color of that animal

That’s Grey

In the end, you have Denmark, Elephant, and Grey

Grey Elephant From Denmark Trick Explained

Regardless of the number the person chooses, they will still end up with the answer 4 in Step 5. The math computations in Step 1 – 4 are simply to cover your tracks and make the whole thing look like a mind-reading trick.

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Since the answer is 4, the person would always choose the alphabet D in Step 6. The most popular country starting from D is Denmark even though there are options like the Democratic Republic of Congo, Djibouti, and the Dominican Republic.

Once again most people would choose Elephant and Grey as the preferred options in the final steps even though they are many more animals starting from E namely: Eagle, Elk, Earthworm, and Echnida. With this trick, you simply use the commonness of things to read minds.

Finally, you’ve got a Grey Elephant From Denmark.

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2. Red Hammer Trick

The Red Hammer Trick is another easy mind-reading trick that uses the commonness of things to read minds. Though with this trick, the process is shorter.

To perform this trick, you will give the subject (the person you’re performing the trick on a piece of paper with the prediction of the last answer the person will give to the question you will ask them. You will tell them not to open the paper until they answer the last question.

Then, ask them the following questions:

  • What Day is Christmas?
  • What number is between 1 and 3?
  • What government did the USSR have?
  • What are hamburgers made of?
  • What side of the road do they drive on in Europe?
  • Think of a color and a tool?

With the last question, you ask them to answer very fast and then open the paper. The answer should be a red hammer which you have already written on the paper.

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Red Hammer Trick Explained

This trick works by getting the person to think of the image of the USSR flag. The USSR flag was red and on it was a sickle and a hammer. The other questions are a way of distracting the subject and making you look like a mind reader

3. The Triangle in a Circle Trick

To do this trick, draw and circle and then draw a triangle in the circle on a paper and keep it aside. Then ask your subject to draw two shapes with one of them inside the other and when they’re done, you give them your own prediction to compare with theirs.

Before asking them to draw the shapes, you would have to indirectly illustrate your own drawing visually to the subject through your explanation of the trick. This way, the subject would be more likely to draw a triangle in a circle.

4. Cell Phone Trick

Do you think it is possible to pull a playing card out of your phone? While that sounds difficult if not impossible, this trick is very simple.

5. Make Their Card Turn Over Without Touching The Deck Card Trick

If done right, you could easily pass off as a magician with this trick

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6. Coin Trick

This trick requires nothing more than psychology and the ability to read body language.

7. Crystal Ball Trick

This is another mind-reading trick that you can try on your family and friends and look like a real mentalist or magician if you wish.

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8. The Three Travelers Trick

9. Rubber Band Magic Trick

10. Coin Vanish Trick

This is one of the oldest and maybe the easiest tricks to try out. It would take some practice, but with time, you should make a coin vanish and reappear to the amazement of your friends

11. Disappearing Handkerchief Trick

This is just like the coin vanish trick, but instead of a coin, you’re using a handkerchief.

12. Spoon Bending Trick

Can you really bend a spoon with your mind? This is the signature trick of renowned mentalist Uri Geller and while he said he does it with the aid of paranormal powers, you can do it by watching a simple YouTube tutorial,

13. Card Vanishing Trick

You can make a coin and handkerchief disappear, and you can also make a card disappear. All you need is the right tutorial and the right mindset.

14. Pen Vanishing Trick

Most newbies use coins, handkerchiefs, and cards for their vanishing tricks. If you want to stand out, you can try using another object, like a pen.

15. Gravity Coin Trick

If you want to make your coin vanishing trick more interesting, you could add the gravity coin trick to your performance. With this trick, you will defy the laws of gravity and possibly get people to believe you have superpowers.

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