11 Tricks With Rubber Bands That will Impress Your Friends

rubber band trick

There is no trick in the magic book simpler than a rubber band trick. With a single rubber band, you could impress your friends with the jumping rubber trick or maybe you prefer more impressive tricks like the vanishing rubber band trick.

Well, if you’re looking for awesome rubber band tricks, then you’re on the right page. Here, you will find a rundown of 11 impressive tricks with rubber bands. These elastic tools allow you to perform a lot of interesting things as they are flexible and thin allowing for easy control.  

11 Rubber Band Tricks That will Impress Your Friends

1. Visual Rubber Band Tricks Anyone Can Do

You get lots of tricks including some of the most popular tricks and a few tricks that only a select number of people know about. In this tutorial, you will learn several rubber tricks including those you can perform with other objects like a pen.

Beginners will enjoy this video, though pros can still find some tricks here that will be worth their time. Note that some of the tricks here are very simple and will only require determination to perform. However, other tricks may require a bit more practice to perfect.

2. The Jumping Rubber Bank Trick

This trick is one of the most popular tricks on the streets. By that, I mean you will find in many small street performances. This trick has several steps and may require you to pay careful attention to the instructions.

This jumping rubber band trick is a sleight of the hand trick that requires fast movements and impressive performance skills to perfect.

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While all these might make it look like a super-hard trick, it is actually one of the easiest tricks to perform. In this trick, you’re going to place a rubber band over two of your fingers.

With a snap of your fingers of your other hand, the rubber band will move (jump) off the current fingers on to the next two fingers.

3. How To Create A Double Star, Butterfly, Cube With A Rubber Band

This tutorial shows you exactly how you can create shapes and a butterfly with a rubber band. For some of the rubber band tricks here, you may need more than one rubber so try to get as many as possible.

Note that any rubber band can be used so you don’t have to go to the magic store to purchase rubber bands.

However, if you do have a magic store nearby, it won’t hurt to take a ride there and check out what they have to offer. If you find out that the rubber bands there are much better and stronger, then you can go ahead and buy them.

When making a double star or a butterfly, you should use different colors of rubber bands to make the final result more colorful and intriguing.

4. How To Make A Rubber Band Cube To Spider Web

In this video, you will learn how to make a rubber band cube, but rather than a cube alone, you will learn how to make it into a 4 points spider web and 6 points spider web. You will also learn another much simpler method with which you can make double stars with the rubber band.

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5. Best Card Trick With Rubber Band

While rubber tricks are impressive including cards in the trick makes it even more intriguing.  To perform this trick, you will need a pack of cards ready.

Once you’ve got your cards and rubber bands, everything comes easily from there. This tutorial is in-depth and the trick is well demonstrated so you should be able to grasp the entire trick with just one watch.

6. The Rubber Band Through the Thumb Trick

If you’ve got just one rubber band, there is still an amazing trick you could perform. This rubber band trick is best performed with a brightly colored rubber band. Yellow, red, and green are usually the best colors for this type of performance.

Though this trick is simple, it would require constant practice to be perfected. Once you’ve perfected it, you should be able to make it look like the rubber band went right through your thumb to the amazement of your audience.

7. Rubber Band Through Hand Trick

This trick is similar to the rubber band through thumb trick but more impressive. It would take a lot of practice for you to make it work but after that, the effect would be totally worth it.

Note that, the trick requires constant practice, you might not get it the first time or even the first five times, but if you keep trying you should be able to perform it flawlessly.

8. Vanishing Rubber Band Magic Trick

If you’ve made a coin, handkerchief, pencil, or card disappear before, then this vanishing rubber band magic trick should come easy to you. If you haven’t, you can still learn and get it right if you try hard enough.

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9. Cut Through A Credit Card With a Rubber Band

A credit card is way more solid than a rubber band so it would be normally impossible for you to cut through a credit card with a rubber. But what if I told you that you can actually do it? Well, this tutorial will show you just how to perfect this trick.

10. Make 2 Rubber Bands 1

In this trick, you will first learn how to vanish a rubber band, then you will learn how to make 2 rubber bands become one. It is a classic trick with no stage effects or video effects whatsoever.

11. Pen Through Rubber Band Trick

So you’ve learned how to cut a credit card straight through with a rubber band, how to pass a rubber band through your thumb and hand, and how to make a rubber band vanish.

Well, an amazing trick that takes the last spot on this list is the pen through rubber band trick. It should be very easy if you have experiences with the other rubber band tricks, but if you don’t you should be able to get it right with enough practice.

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