10 Amazing Card tricks To Impress Your Friends | Card Tricks for Kids

Card Tricks

Zach King magic tricks have inspired a lot of us to consider pulling a rabbit out of a hat. While that would require exceptional magic skills, something as simple as making a card vanish is a nice start for every beginner.

Card tricks are plenty. They are probably one of the most popular magic trick categories next to coin tricks. If you want to show off to your friends, there are a lot of card tricks you could do. You could make a card vanish, read someone’s mind, make a card levitate, and so on.

There are tons of easy card tricks for beginners and a good number of card tricks for kids tutorials. In this article, you will find the simplest and easiest ones that you can use to impress your friends.

Basic Card Tricks To Learn

Before setting off to make magic happen with a pack of cards, there are few basic card tricks you must master. These skills might not be necessary for everyone but if you hope on becoming a pro, then you should acquire them.  

How To Shuffle Cards Like A Magician

If you want to learn how to do magic card tricks, then you need to know how to control the cards. Some card tricks will require only one card, but you’d still need the experience.

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How To Throw Cards

Another skill you need to learn is how to throw a playing card. This skill could be part of a trick or be a trick on its own so learning it would come in handy.

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Card Tricks For Beginners

1. Card Vanishing Trick

This is pretty much the easiest trick on our list. It is also very popular so there is a chance that your friends can do it too. If they can’t, you easily wow them with just the fast movement of your hands.

2. Make A Card Appear Out Of Thin Air

This is more impressive and might get you applause. This card trick does require skill though so you might have to practice it many times to get it right.

3. Instantly Change A Card

One minute, you have the queen in your hands and with a snap, it changes to the ace of hearts. You will need a pack of card for this trick so you ensure you’re prepped before trying it out

4. Transform Any Card Into A Blank Card

This trick would actually require some skill but if you’re serious about impressing your friends or an audience with card tricks then you’re good to go.

5. Prediction

Just as Derren Brown predicted the lottery numbers correctly, you can peep into the soul of your friends and know exactly which card they picked. Actually, there isn’t any soul peeping but just an impressive use of skill. All you have to do is get a person to select a card from the deck. When they do that, they would be amazed that every other remaining card in the deck, you flip over will have the same number.

6. Floating Cards

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a card float. This is a pretty impressive trick that you could use to impress your friends at a gathering or show off the streets.

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While beginners could try out this trick, it won’t come as easy as the rest. You would need some slick hand work skills to move the cards very well to prevent others from noticing your actual movements.

7. Read Five Minds At Once

With most card prediction tricks, you are focusing on only one person. While you would still pull off an amazing card trick by reading the mind of only one person, you can do even better with five.

This card trick is a little advanced but if you put in a lot of time, you should be able to read five minds at once and get it right at every play.

Card Tricks For Kids

There are many card tricks for beginners and there are some card tricks that your kid can learn with ease. These cards tricks are similar to the ones but the methods used are more simple and easier to understand.

8.Three Card Prediction

This is almost the same as the five-card prediction trick where you can read five minds at the same time. This time, you’re only going to read three minds.

9. Clipped Card Trick

This is a pretty simple trick that you use to wow your friends if performed right. To perform this trick, you will need a special card and paper.

10. Card Spelling Trick

This trick is could make you look more like a genus than a magician. In this trick, you’re going to ask a volunteer to pick a card. In the end, you’re going to spell out the card that they chose by flipping over one card for each letter. The final card you flip over after spelling out the card they chose will be their card. Don’t get it? Watch the video.

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How To Get Cards for Magic Tricks

You can get cards for magic tricks from anywhere or you can just use the ones you have at home. However, if you want to perform excellent card tricks, then you need to get your cards from a magic store. Avoid buying online so you don’t pay for what you would have to return. Buying offline allows you to make inspections before parting with your money.

Wrapping Up

Card tricks with math are some types of card tricks you could do to blow away the minds of your friends. They are a little bit advanced, but you should be able to perfect them even if you don’t like math.

Nevertheless, you should get a good start and entertain your friends with the card tricks above. Once you master how to shuffle a card, these tricks should come easy.

Note that while these card tricks can be performed by anyone, you would have to learn magic concepts like misdirection and psychology to perfect them and perform for a larger audience.

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